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Snowline™ Maternal Sheep

This year Snowline are moving into full genomics with approximately 500 ewes. All sires will be done for 50K genomics and 20% of the ram hoggets will be done with 5k genomics. This is the most modern, up to date genetic tool available which will enable us to identify the superior lambs and cull progeny at a very early age. This whole process is being controlled by Zoetis. This will guarantee we are using the most up to date technology to drive clients production even higher.

Further Snowline Micron Reduction

The tools we are using to achieve aour clients goals of high value wool are:

With the above and 23-27 micron ram hoggets and sires we are moving the bell curve of micron reduction much faster, which enables us to achieve the finer edge for our clients

All of the above is only achieveable with a large ram breeding flock. This lambing we are selecting our rams and ewe hogget replacements from approx 2400 ewes and 1800 ewe hoggets. This is the key to yours and our success.

With 27 & 28 micron wool having a present day value of approx $8/p/kg greasy, our stylish and well drained Snowline wool can hugely increase your wool cheque.

Snowliners are totally unshepherded and are the real deal tuff sheep. The North Canterbury drought has proven the bounce back and inherent fertility of the Snowline breed.

The Snowline rams are bred on “Cheddar Valley Station” and grown out on “Snowline Station” which is above 700m altitude.



  1. The Elite Flock is fully DNA’d which is the main driver for lifting lambing percentage - Jason & Tracey weaned 8000 lambs off 5000 ewes unshepherded on “Cheddar Valley Station” Nth Canterbury last year and even with the drought Jason is looking at a good lambing this year.
  2. Hugely lifting fleece value by reducing micron and fleece weighing.
  3. Increasing carcass yield and weight through myomax.
  4. Huge selection in Snowline for cold tolerance gene for high survival. 95% sires used rate A.A.
  5. “Cheddar Valley Station” is the only supplier of Snowline rams in the New Zealand.
  6. “Cheddar Valley Station” owns all the trademarks and intellectual property for all Snowline sheep, meat, wool, carpet, clothing, rugs and other products.
  7. The Snowline buyer supply group is now fully operational for clients.
  8. For more information & enquiries contact John: Central Otago 03 445 3664 or Jason: North Canterbury 03 315 6285

Try our Revolutionary Snowline and Ranger Rams. Sheep with fewer dags, barer behinds, less flystrike for all around pleasure to farm sheep.


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